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At Escape Kent our carefully designed rooms have been created to require a high level of team-work and co-operation.

Players must join together as a team and complete a selection of mini puzzles and tasks, which in turn lead to the successful completion of the room’s overall mission.

Escape rooms are a fun and enjoyable way for groups to test their teamwork skills under pressure.

At Escape Kent we offer a variety of packages to suit the group’s team building need.


Ideal for up to 24 players per session (multiple sessions available)

Split your large group into teams across our 3 themed rooms and have them compete in a head to head battle, as they take on the challenges that face them.

Want to extend your experience? Why not swap rooms after and see if you can beat each other’s time?


For managers who find that the usual interview process doesn’t do enough to display a potential employee’s personality, Escape Kent have come up with the perfect solution.

Send your team into one of our themed rooms, then sit back in the comfort of our waiting area and watch their progress as they tackle their way through the puzzles and tasks laid before them.

Our rooms have multiple angled cameras as well as microphones, enabling you to monitor the full experience without having to be in the room yourself.

All of our packages can be customised to suit the need of your group. For more information and for pricing details please contact us.