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Indoor games

Our indoor games are an exciting, interactive adventure game for teams who must work together, against the clock, solving puzzles, finding clues and cracking codes to complete a set of challenges in a fully immersive room.

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It’s Christmas Eve and there’s a noise coming from the chimney, could it be Santa?! You come downstairs and find he’s got stuck in the chimney delivering presents. It's now down to you to work out how to free him and save Christmas for everyone around the world! Join us on this magical new Christmas escape room, fun for all the family! We ho-ho-hope to see you soon!

Escape Kent Kidnapped Logo

After years of hard saving you have finally made your dream come true, to be able to travel throughout the USA. Midway through your travels you find yourself in the grasps of one of Texas’s most renowned serial killers and cannibal, ‘The Butcher’. You find yourself locked in a dark, dank basement with no recollection of what’s happened, all you know is that you need to escape alive, or risk succumbing to the disturbing appetite of the Butcher.

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You and your crew have have successfully defeated rival pirates and now you must climb aboard their famous ship known as “The Dark Soul” to find the only piece of treasure every pirate wants, ‘The Black Diamond’. However, throughout the battle the ship became damaged and is sinking fast. You now have just one hour to find the diamond and get back to your ship before the ocean claims you and the ‘Black Diamond’. Will you escape or be spending eternity down in Davy Jones locker?

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An escape room with a competitive edge! Vicé Versa has two identical rooms, allowing you to battle against your own friends like never before. Gather your group, split into two sub-teams and book out both versions to experience THE ULTIMATE VERSUS SCENARIO! (Highly Recommended).

Alternatively, book out a single room and compete against a group unknown to you. (Please note that when selecting just one room, if the secondary slot is unsold your escape will be against the clock).

The world is a blank canvas to you, and your room appears completely empty. It's down to you and your team to solve interactive puzzles and unveil hidden compartments in order to restore colour to the world.....Before your competitors do! After all no-one likes to be second best!

Escape Kent Alien Room Logo

The year is 2086. You are onboard the scientific research laboratory, Astro262, trying to find a new settlement for the human race to colonise. Suddenly you receive an Alien transmission from a nearby planet. They have heard about your research and in an angry retaliation, have built a missile to destroy all of planet earth. Your mission is to ensure you disarm the missile before planet earth is totally and utterly destroyed. 

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Little is known about the Cromwell’s family massacre that occurred on the night of Friday 13th November 1970. History says, Mr Cromwell bought his wife a unique pendant that was possessed with the most demonic of spirits, making him horrifically take the lives of his wife, two children and then himself. Many are too fearful to enter the abandoned house but it is thought, if the pendant can be found and removed from the house before the sun rises on the anniversary of the massacre, The Cromwell’s will be exorcised from the house, but those who fail, they too will be massacred at the hands of Mr Cromwell and his family. Do you think you have what it takes to save the house from this unhinged possessed family?